Thursday, June 17, 2010

Understand the Powerful Meanings Behind Dragon Tattoo Designs

All over the world, dragon tattoo designs have been popular and still are. The great thing about having a dragon tattoo is that you can have it on basically any part of your body and it will look great. Dragons on their own are mystical creatures that are known only to exist in folklore and in myths, but this could be the reasons as to why dragon tattoo designs are one of the most popular in the world.

Depending on which way the dragon is designed and portrayed, dragon tattoos can emit many different emotions, some of which include anger and hate right through to elegance and adoration. Due to the fact that so many cultures offer their own depictions of exactly how dragons are and what they look like, people that are looking to have the tattoos done have such a wide variety to choose from.

The designs of these tattoos are just about endless, so when you decide that you are going to settle with one of the many designs available, make sure you choose the right design and on the right part of your body. It is great that you can arrange your dragon so that it emits something that suits you. A dragon can be personalized in more than one way. Make it into a dragon that you have always wanted on your body, but still with meaning.

According to legends, dragons are said to have originated from the Far East, in certain countries like Japan, China and Korea. It is said that the dragons were mainly used to guard valuable treasures so that no one could pass them and get to whatever they were guarding. In this case you could use dragon tattoo designs like this to protect something of yours, like your heart. Dragons were not always bad as perceived, and they weren't always the fire-breathing monsters people made them out to be.

When artists are constructing dragon tattoo designs they tend to keep the body and face similar. With the Chinese dragons, they typically have longer torsos as well as shorter legs, but in truth, most dragons are more like sea monsters or snakes than the dragons that feature in European fairytales. Dragon's eyes normally look harsh and show wisdom, so if it is the serious look you are going for it will be an original dragon.

One of the main features of any one of the dragon tattoo designs is the color of the dragon. The color is very important as it is the main characteristic in the dragon and the look it is supposed to portray. When it comes to Chinese dragon tattoos, these are normally done in yellow, orange and red.

The medieval dragon is also one of the popular dragon tattoo designs of today, but sometimes these were used to reference the dragon in evil ways, which is a look that isn't always wanted.

Dragon tattoo designs can have meaning behind them, but this is why you need to put some thought into your tattoo before you have it done. When you know what the dragon tattoo designs are going to mean to you, have it done then as you will be able to personalize it slightly to match your meaning even more.