Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Tattoo Removal Cream Vs Laser Tattoo Removal -save you money and pain

Anyone who has ever made a mistake when they were young knows that there are some things that they wish they could forget. However, if the youthful transgression involves a tattoo it may be hard to forget when the evidence is right on your skin. Fortunately, there is relief out there now in a much more cost effective manner than before, if you are wise enough to look into tattoo removal cream vs. laser tattoo removal surgery. Both processes will safely remove a tattoo from your skin, but the over the counter topical cream will save you money and pain.

Laser tattoo removal requires that you research a surgeon's office and then make an appointment to have your tattoo analyzed. After the initial meeting you will schedule the laser surgery in which the surgeon will use the laser to effectively burn off your skin that is inked. This is known to be quite painful and can be costly since it usually requires more than one treatment in order to effectively remove the entire tattoo. Additionally, it is not suitable for everyone, thus, if you have pre-existing health conditions you should check with your doctor first.

On the other hand, tattoo removal cream is the less costly, convenient, and easy way to remove a tattoo and can be done within the privacy of your own home. Simply purchase tattoo removal cream and apply it over the course of a week or two and watch your tattoo simply fade away. It works by fading the ink slowly that is burned onto the layer of skin called the dermis. After each application you will notice your tattoo get visibly lighter until it finally disappears altogether. The best part of all is that the entire process is painless and is as easy as simply using body lotion!