Friday, February 12, 2010

How does one go about selecting a tattoo design

Finding the perfect tattoo art work for your body can be quite a bit of a challenge especially when you know that the design you choose is going to stay with you forever. The last thing you would want to do is to select a tattoo design which you thought looked great at the moment, but regret having it later.

So how does one go about selecting a tattoo design? Trust me when I say that going with your instincts is not really a great idea as it may seem at first. Selecting a tattoo design within an hour (or less) of walking into a tattoo parlor is something most people regret later. You need to be sure of the design art you select for your body.

My advice to people getting a tattoo has always been to select a design or artwork and then give it some time to sink in. It is only after a day or two or more of selecting a tattoo design that you'll know whether you really want it or not. The best way to go about it is to browse through tattoo art galleries available online or at your local tattoo parlor, get a copy or printout of it and think about it for a couple of days. If after a few days, you are bored of the design or worse, can't stand to look at it anymore, then it's safe to assume that specific design is not for you.

Most Beautfiul Form of Body Art - Tattoo Designs

If you are serious about getting your skin imprinted with a permanent tattoo, it is important that you select just the right kind of tattoo design for yourself, one that fulfills the following very important requirements.

The tattoos design that you select should be - exactly and only - the one that you were looking for. See that you do not compromise on the shape, size and pattern of the tattoo design, due to any reason at all, for then you are bound to regret getting it done in the first place.

Apart from the pattern of the tattoo design, the colors and hues that you want your tattoo to display should also be the ones of your choice, and preferably ones that suit your skin tone.

It is extremely important that you remember the main reason behind getting the tattoo, and hence, also see that the tattoo design you select portrays the emotions behind it correctly. If it is for mere fashion, you could choose a trendy tribal tattoo design, or a symbolic and stunningly exquisite butterfly tattoo design.

Other than the requirements of the tattoo design that you choose, there are some that you as a purchaser need to consider, while looking for the perfect one. Here are the steps that you need to follow:

First, see that you look through all the available tattoo designs based on your chosen concept, present in various galleries on the internet, or with professional tattoo artists, and only then make your choice. If you want to bear a unique tattoo design, you could ask an artist to create one for you. Also keep in mind where exactly you you’re your tattoo to be situated on your body, and pick accordingly. Remember to keep the budget in mind too.

Next, you ought to find just the right tattoo artist, who will imprint the design onto your skin. You need to be careful while choosing one; see that he or she is a legitimate and expert flash artist.

Make sure that the needles and instruments used by the artist are sterile, you don’t want to end up with any kind of troubles due to it.

Once you have had your spectacular flash art inked into your skin, you will be ready to show it off to jealous viewers, and look gorgeous altogether. However, do remember to be absolutely certain that you want the tattoo, first of all, and also of the design that you select, for the simple reason that if you regret it later, the process of removal will not only be painful, but also very expensive. So choose wisely.

Monday, February 8, 2010

Tribal Armband Tattoos Designs

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Lower Back Tattoos Design For Girls Picture

Butterfly Tattoo Design

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Saturday, February 6, 2010

character Japanese Tattoo Sleeve, Lions, Dusk & Dawn

This is a piece in progress. Celebrating life’s forces when subconscious and conscious unite. Set at what could be perceived as a sunset or a sunrise. The mysterious time where the light shine with all its beauty revealing the sacred pink that appears at every start and end of day, where colours and shadows play on our minds. The powerful shift from day to night, or night to day, a sacred moment, being one with life, we can shift and embrace our goals. The back of the piece is an underwater scene. You might be able to see a fragment of the koi. I am looking forward to tattoo this one when I meet the right person! This is the first draft for that concept.

Character Phoenix tattoo sleeve concept

Phoenix Tattoo sleeve concept, first draft. Two directions I can choose from here! One make it new style tribal and very bold or mix it with Japanese style to make it very detailed. I might try both directions. As all my phoenix tattoos, I play with growth of shapes and textures. Possibly including natural elements. This design unfolds around the arm so that the phoenix becomes a wing or a shield. This could be matched very nicely with a dragon on the other arm. The back of the sleeve reveals the softer details such as the tail. If the dragon is still a more popular tattoo designs. As we speak the phoenix remains my favourite symbol.

Botan, Peony, Japanese flower Tattoo

Peony, Japanese Tattoo, Botan. First Session, No outlines, started with the darker tones and gonna add lighter pink at the next session. The butterflies and more peonies! Ganbate!

Character Koi Sleeve Tattoo first draft

Character Japanese Koi Tattoo, Sleeve Study

Japanese Koi Sleeve Study. I wanted to study Horimouja’s Kois while giving it my style. Event tho I call this a sleeve design, The focus has been on the chest panel, Feeling the growth of the elements from the bottom to the top. You’ll notice a part of a dragon’s body on the right hand side. This in relation to the Koi’s potential of becoming dragon when climbing up a waterfall. Sometimes also reffered to as a koi on Earth is a dragon in Heaven. I did not feel like using a koi/dragon shape to indicate the transformation. I feel that transformation as a metaphor can happen instantly. You could also imagine the two ‘entities’ living in ‘parallel’ dimensions, at the same time reflecting each other while both maintaining their physical appearances (All is interconnected). Giving you the feeling that you are still seeing the Koi but the dragon is present and defined. Anyway, Just playing with an idea. It could be a Koi at the front an Dragon at the back. Enjoy. I feel it’s incomplete as a sleeve and more details should be included as a matter of personal style, but I really enjoyed the study and the flow! Enjoy!

More On Chinese Symbol Tattoos

Decide Why

The first thing that you really should consider is why you want to get a tattoo of this type. After all there are lots of different tattoos out there and getting one just because your friend has one or because you read online that they were popular is not a good reason to get any tattoo. Some common reasons to want to get a Chinese tattoo design might be that Chinese is part of your own history and family heritage. Another reason might be that you really love the look, beauty and gracefulness of the writing system. It is very foreign and exotic and can be a nice way to express something in a secretive way. Also many people are drawn to Asian cultures through their studies of the martial arts and this can be another reason to get such a tattoo.

Choose Some Themes

The next step you will want to take once you have decided why you want a Chinese character tattoo is to think about some themes that you want to express. This is very much a personal choice and something you will have to look for inside yourself. Think about what you love and hold dear. What emotions, thoughts or feelings do you want to have other people know about you or things that you value greatly that you want to hold close to you. It might be that you have had a bad relationship with another person and feel weak now and want a tattoo to give your strength. Whatever the reason try to find something like a value that you hold close to your heart.

Consult With An Expert

Next you really should consult with an expert in the field of linguistics ora native speaker and writer of the language you are choosing to get tattooed on your body. All too often people skip this step and go ahead and jump into getting the tattoo inked on their arm. This often has very disastrous results. It can lead to illegible writing or even worse written words that mean something very different then what you wanted. Typically you can even find experts online that are will to help you.

So after you have have decided why you want the tattoo in general and come up with some ideas for the design and then lastly consulted with an expert in the language it is finally time to get the tattoo work inked on your body. This is the big stage and one that you should be looking forward to. Since you have done your research and chosen carefully you don't have anything to worry about. You will now be getting a tattoo that will be a wonderful display of something you hold near and dear to your heart.

Right Arm with Character Japanese Tattoos

Chinese Character Tattoo

One of the tattoo design is also quite popular are tattoos with character design China (simplified or starch). Apart form is good, the characters China could contain the philosophical meaning of cool.
China tattoo with lots of character we find in the body of martial artists in the Ultimate Fighting Championship, especially the fighters close to the martial arts of China. Examples are Chuck Liddell, a UFC champion, he had his scalp tattoo with the letter which read China Koei-Kan, a karate school that he learned that also means "house of pleasure and well-being".

Sexy Girl With Egyptian Tattoo

Top Tattooed Celebrity Ladies

… re adopted or born (on her arm), the cross tattoo accompanied by the Latin phrase “Quod me nutrit me destruit” (What nourishes me, destroys me), a large Bengal tiger on her lower back, a Buddhist incantation written in Khmer script etc. etc. etc. 2. Megan Fox Who better to take the number two spot than the girl who was dubbed the next Angelina Jolie (dunno why because Angie is pretty much still around) plus her tats are not that bad. She has a Marilyn Monroe portrait on her arm, a Shakespeare quote ‘We w …

Celebrating All The Tattooed Ladies

We’ve noticed over the years that the majority of out clients are women. We are also very aware of how society still looks at tattoos, especially on a lady. This page is here to thank all of the beautiful tattooed women over the world.My husband and I often joke about how much better our female clients can handle tattoos in very painful areas for long periods of time. As a heavily tattooed female myself, it makes me proud knowing my tattoo work shows my strength.We both notice a big change in that, we are now tattooing women in their 60’s and 70’s getting their first tattoos. It’s like getting their hair or nails done. Just another day out with the girls. We also see many Mother’s and Daughter’s getting tattooed together, sometimes even matching tattoos.Women of all ages are starting to get larger tattoos, full sleeves, rib cages, full, Legs and Back Pieces. From small to Large it’s wonderful to see people taking tattoos for the art that it is.