Thursday, September 30, 2010


Sexy Lower Back Tribal New Tattoo

Picking the right lower back tribal tattoo can be a tedious and difficult decision to make. Most people will end up settling on some generic, cookie cutter design, though, simply because they are in a rush to get tattooed. Needless to say, many of them end up regretting what they get because of this. Well, here is how to avoid that, while finding tons of the quality lower back tribal tattoo design you are after.’s start things off with a crucial point. Many people (95%) will rely solely on search engines to locate the tattoos they want. This would be a great idea if search engines actually showed you where the great galleries are that have a quality lower back tribal tattoo database, but they don’t. What usually pulls up are low end galleries that have the exact same generic content as two hundred other websites. They are put up random images in a hurry, because they want to get as much artwork on their gallery as fast as they can. They don’t really care about the quality of the art they post.

Lettering Styles For Text Tattoos

The art of tattoo in today’s time define the attitude of a tattoo lover. It now gains popularity as a way of expressing their thoughts, beliefs, their attitudes toward life, ideals, or someone’s name very close to their heart. Despite of various trends, the most famous and in demand designs consist largely of written text. More often it’s a name, date, or scripture. There are numerous -Cool Tattoo Design- Lettering Styles for Text Tattoos that you can choose. The right tattoo lettering font depends on your preference and the length of the word. This makes your body design as unique as the person who owns it. textual tattoos

There are some considerations to take for your -Cool Tattoo Design- Lettering Styles for Text Tattoos comes out clean and just the way you want it. Don’t assume that because lettering is so common, it must be easy for any tattoo artist to do it. There are artist who excel more in lettering than the others.

Girl Tattoo Picture Tattoo Picture

Monday, September 27, 2010

Jinxi's Interview With Tattoo Artist Matt Griffith

Tattoo Artist Matt GriffithPeeking into Matt Griffith's tattoo and painting portfolio is an enchanting endeavor, because he has the ability to take cartoonish, colorful characters and weave them into a world mixed with macabre ghoulishness, without missing a beat.
Matt has a knack for taking a client's idea and transforming it into a memorable, vibrant piece; while always leaving a touch of his signature flair to remember him by. From Mario Bros characters to animal portraiture; insect/ nature themes to Einstein caricatures, Matt is well-versed in many genres of the tattoo spectrum.

As owner of 2 Dollar Pistol Tattoo Shop in Chillicothe, Ohio, this busy dad and husband runs a successful business, while keeping his tattoo chair hopping and still finds time to paint with his talented wife, Abril.
I have been lucky enough to be close friends with Matt for many years now and can assure you that if you are fortunate enough to collect his tattoo work, you will also be pleasantly surprised to meet one of the nicest guys around. Matt is a true gem and it was a pleasure to get to talk to this dedicated artist about several aspects of his life.

Saturday, September 25, 2010

The Case for Dragon Tattoo Designs

Dragon tattoo designs are a creature much revered. On one hand, the Eastern dragon is understood to represent the characteristics of courage, honor, and strength. Seen as divine protectors, Eastern dragons are also esteemed as bearers of essential life water and life sustainers. On the other hand, Western dragons are viewed as the evil counterpart of the Eastern dragon. The freedom of using dragon art for tattoo designs is beneficial for both the one who is getting a tattoo and the one who is inking the design.

Dragon Tattoo Designs
Dragons are a favorite design among tattoo artists because of the variety afforded to them. Design, detail, and coloration are all aesthetic liberties that the artist can take with dragon tattoos, and these tattoos also look great on the skin, wrapping around various parts of the body.

Thursday, September 23, 2010

Tattoo artist Friday Jones

Tattoo artist Friday Jones Tattoo artist Friday Jones attends the opening of her Friday Jones Fifth Ave. Tattoo Studio at Senses NY Salon & Spa in New York City.

Monday, September 20, 2010

Osaka tattoo artist

Osaka tattoo artist
'There are tattoos that you can show and ones that you should hide," says Shura, an Osaka tattoo artist. "Traditional tattoos are only OK to show at festivals, certain public baths and during fights.
"The cute, fashionable ones, they are OK to show whenever."
That sentiment is now well established in a country that has long felt conflicted about tattoos, often revealing its feelings in officially sanctioned public prejudice.
In many ways, women are leading the way. Tattoos on starlets such as Namie Amuro and Ayumi Hamasaki are thought of as stylish by a younger, pop culture- hungry generation, while overseas fashion trends have made "getting ink" much less of a radical lifestyle choice.

Há esperança: Existe um lugar onde fazem barcos.


No lado de cá não há o sabor do famoso sorvete,
há somente o mercado de peixes do pescador.
Mas todos sabem que há em mim um eterno amor,
por uma única Ribeira que pelos seus caixotes de sardinha,
sempre dá dois dedos de conversa.


Friday, September 17, 2010

Tattoo artist Kat Von D

Tattoo artist Kat Von DTattoo artist Kat Von D arrive at the 2008 American Music Awards held at Nokia Theatre L.A. LIVE on November 23, 2008 in Los Angeles, California

Thursday, September 16, 2010

Cartoon Tattoos

Cartoon tattoos are cute and show off your child like side. But surely, there are other reasons why people find cartoon tattoos more appealing:

* People do not necessarily focus on cartoon designs for tattoos being cute and appealing. Although, yes it IS indeed cute and appealing, but there are people who choose carton designs that have a significant and deep meaning in their lives

* Getting a classic cartoon design for your tattoo enables you to show to everybody who would bother to look that you have a child like sense of humor and that kid you used to be is still in you somewhere. This shows the world that you do not take yourself too seriously and would give out the impression that you are an easy going and fun loving type of person.

* Cartoon tattoos help you to live your life from your innocent childhood days to the biting realities of adulthood. There are also people who like to combine serious tattoo designs with light funny cartoon character designs. This gives an unexpected twist in the designs and is really funny and unusual.

* There are also guys who opt to have the cute looking female anime characters' faces tattooed on their bodies. These cute and sexy realistic looking designs were derived to the Japanese cartooning style. The sexy and adult twist to the generally cute animated faces gives the appeal that is normally needed for a tattoo art. People normally like to combine these anime art to tribal tattoo designs and japans characters which gives the designs the needed eastern touch to it.

* Cartoon tattoos would not be complete without the heroes and villains designs. For those people who are able to identify with a specific character to either side, you can go and have that character tattooed on you. Or for added fun, have one good guy and one bad guy tattooed on each of your arms so you can have an epic battle going on every day for the rest of your life.

* There are also people who have the face of a particular TV star tattooed and while this is really up to the person getting the tattoo, artists do not usually think this a good idea as nobody really lasts that long in show business anyway.

* Ranking among the favorites in the cartoon character tattoo arena are bugs bunny, Tweety bird, daffy duck, Donald duck, goofy, Mickey and Minnie mouse and of course - Tinkerbell. Oh and yes, Bart Simpson is also very popular.

* Getting a cartoon character as a subject of your tattoo is really an opportunity to show off your young and innocent side. It is a testament to humor and looking at life at an easy going pace.

Always remember though that tattoos are a permanent deal. So make sure that the cartoon character you would have tattooed on your body would be worth your time and pain. Well, tattoo removal is possible these days, that is a fact but that is a more expensive and quite more painfully process altogether. Oh and it doe leave ugly scars, too. SO you better make up your mind if having a tattoo is something you really want to do.

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Bruce Davis Tattoo

Bruce Davis Tattoo
“This (on my left arm) is actually done by a well-known tattoo artist. I went to him because I had to cover some stuff up under here, so I went to him and was like, ‘What can we put over it and what do you think would look the best?’ I just totally trusted his judgment just because he’s such a great artist. He’s done work on some of my other teammates like Eric McNeal. He’s done all his tattoos. So that’s how I found out about him, and he came up with this (tattoo on my left arm) and I loved it.
Then this (on my left arm), I got this when I was 16. It means ‘Fear No Man’ (in Chinese). And this (on my right wrist) is the initials of me and my brother and my sister, and it’s our birthday. I’m close with my brother and my sister so eventually they’re all going get this too. So it’s kind of like a family thing. ...
(The one on my left arm) I got about a year ago. This (tattoo of Chinese symbols) I’ve had for three years now. And this one (of my siblings) I got a couple months ago. ...
(The one on my left arm) took nine hours. I had to go to two sessions and I’m not done yet. I still got another four hours to go. He’s got to cover the whole back of my arm too. It takes a long time and when it takes a long time like that sometimes he goes over spots he’s already done and it hurts. But I mean, it’s not that bad. Once you get started, and once you get 30 minutes under your belt, then it kind of goes numb. It’s not too bad. ... I just turn my iPod up as loud as it goes and that’s it. ...

The Godmother of Tattoo

The Godmother of TattooShanghai Kate Hellenbrand is regarded as the pioneer in the art of tattoo in America, with the longest career of any female in the arena.

Recently named one of the top 10 American tattoo artists by AOL, Kate says the phone has been ringing off the hook ever since. Currently in Texas, Kate does a lot of traveling to shows and for personal clients, saying, "I have a huge body of unfinished work out there." Get inked by Kate once, and you'll need her back for more. And she's had her share of celebrity clients (Kate with Howard Stern, top image).

Monday, September 13, 2010

Spring 2010 MBFW

Spring 2010 MBFWActors Leonor Varela, Eric Balfour, and Tattoo artist Kat Von D attend the G Star Spring 2010 fashion show at Hammerstein Ballroom on September 15, 2009 in New York, New York.

Thursday, September 9, 2010

Mike Zaher Tattoo

Mike Zaher Tattoo“It’s kind of crazy: My brother (Joe) and I were talking, maybe a month or a couple months before his death. Another player had passed away, Greg Griffin, who was a big-time soccer player over at Furman. He got in a car accident and died. We both knew him from our respective national teams.
When he passed away, it was kind of a shock. (Joe and I) had a kind of serious conversation: ‘Hey, if something ever happened to you, I’d get (a) tattoo.’ We had a random conversation and low and behold, he passed away (after a car accident) a couple months later.
I ended up telling my mom, ‘(Joe and I) had this conversation and I’d really like to get a tattoo on my back.’
We discussed where (on my body) to get the tattoo, me and my brother. I wanted it to be in a place that was for me. Not that I have anything against tats on your arms or on places that are exposed, but it was for me. And only the people I feel need to see it can see it. It signifies he’s got my back. He’s on my back, there with me, supporting me.
It says ‘Joe ... Heaven’s All-Star ... Brothers Forever.’
We had a ritual when we used to play together in high school. We always wore wristbands around our forearms and we wrote in ‘Zaher Brothers’ around the wristband. And anytime one of us scored ... we would run up to each other in celebration and we’d hit wrists.
It came to me and I thought, ‘I really would like to get my hand and his hand.’ You know his is the one with the jewelry on it because he used to wear all the jewelry. I had his hand and my hand hitting to signify what we used to do.
My mom was there with me. She was totally supportive as long as it was something that I could live with for the rest of my life, which obviously she knew it was. She actually sat there with me for the two and a half hours that it took to get it. There’s a lot of detail. It’s our arms crossing and then in the background it has clouds and sun rays coming through. She has a tattoo on her ankle now. It says, ‘Forever 5,’ with a heart around it, for her five children.”

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Japanese Tattoo Designs

There are several types of tattoo designs in the world. However, among the many types of designs available, the most popular are probably Japanese tattoo designs. As a matter of fact, Japanese tattoos are recognized and are used not only by the Japanese but by people all over the world. What is the reason for this? Why did these designs receive such a huge welcome from the international community? What are the characteristics of these fantastic tattoos that make them so popular?


Japanese tattoo designs are very artistic. Most of these designs are very colorful and fluid, making them generally more appealing than other designs. Also, each design is usually made up of more than a single element woven together by intricate patterns of lines, transforming the tattoo into one elaborate painting on the skin.

For example, in more common Japanese designs such as the ones featuring Japanese koi fishes, tattoo masters already use more than six colors to finish the whole picture. This number just continues to go up as the intricacy of the patterns increases.


Japanese tattoo designs are rich in symbolism. This is because the art of Japanese tattooing is backed up by centuries of culture and tradition. Since the Japanese have such high regard for nature and spirituality, they often associate different creatures and places with deep spiritual meanings. This spirituality is what transforms their ink and design into works that embody or symbolize several things.

This is also why certain creatures, especially the more revered ones like the dragon, the tiger, and the Koi fish often make their way into the heart of most Japanese designs. The Japanese hold a special meaning for these creatures which is why they are often used in tattoo designs.

Dragon Tattoo Designs

Dragons have been featured in several movies. These are huge serpentine creatures that usually breathe fire. In the past, dragons were been a part of several cultures. Do dragons really exist in this world? Myth will always remain myth. No one has seen or witnessed dragons in real life. However, they have been a huge part of human's life. Aside from movies, dragons can be found in tattoo parlors through dragon tattoo designs.

As time passed, dragon tattoo designs have increasingly popular to all tattoo enthusiasts. As a form of art, dragons have different faces to show in this world. In Asia, dragons are characters that are always linked with supernatural powers, wisdom and bravery. Often, Chinese and japans people believed that dragon is the one that gives protection and luck to a person.

How do people appreciate dragons?

Western individuals have different appreciations to dragons. According to them, these creatures are powerful evil that can destroy a whole city by breathing fire on it. Western culture also portrayed dragons as representation of death and destruction. Though, there are negative cites mentioned about dragons, still everyone loves them.

As a person who wants to get inked with a dragon design, it is important to determine that exact layout. It doesn't matter how you appreciate dragons in your life. What's more important in getting a tattoo is the willingness. Obviously, you have to know whether you're really interested of not. Rushing your decision might result to regrets in the future. And no matter what you do, you will not have the chance to remove or change it. It will remain for a lifetime.

Tribal dragon tattoos

Among dragon tattoo designs, tribal tattoos are the most appealing ones. These designs are usually inked on the shoulders of both men and women. As the head of the family, dragons represent protection or guidance. Aside from shoulders, they can also be placed in other parts of the body including back, chest, upper arms and lower back.

Dragon Tattoo Designs

Dragon tattoo designs are highly sought after which is understandable because a dragon design looks great and the creature is highly symbolic. In this article, I'll tell you about 5 different types of dragon tattoo designs that you might want to consider for your new tattoo.

Dragon Sleeve Tattoo Designs

This design is more popular with guys but many girls also get it too.

The dragon itself is usually featured on the upper arm. Because of the way that a dragon is shaped, there are many designs that incorporate the upper arm (half sleeve) and the top corner of the chest, usually with the dragon's head snarling just above the nipple area.

This type of tattoo actually looks really good in simple black ink, if you want more colours then I suggest reds and greens.

Oriental Dragon Tattoo Designs

Most dragon tattoos that you see around usually attempt to be oriental in some way. True, original oriental designs are usually highly intricate and done in black ink. This pays homage to the way that dragons were first drawn using a paint brush. The detail is usually also high and every single scale is drawn.

Some of these designs are a circle with the dragon head facing head on. These circular designs are popular on the upper arm.

Baby Dragon Tattoo Designs

A baby dragon design looks nothing like the traditional, oriental dragon. The usual design features a large-headed, inquisitive (maybe a little goofy looking) creature in vivid and bright blues or greens and with an overall "cartoony" look. These designs are more popular with women.

Welsh Dragon Tattoo Designs

These tattoos usually come in two forms. The first is the classic Welsh dragon standing with one paw raised and looking from right to left. I have also seen other versions that are not in the same pose but where the dragon looks similar to the classic depiction and is still red and black and therefore, unquestionably, the Welsh dragon.

Sleeve Tattoo Designs - Dragon, Tribal, Celtic, and Japanese Tattoos on Your Arms

Dragons are a symbol of wild fire and excitement. A dragon interwoven into a sleeve tattoo can add red color and flare. Fire breathing from the dragon, circling the arm can really add an amazing effect to any tattoo.

Scorpio Arm Tattoo Sexy Girl

Scorpio Arm Tattoo Sexy Girl

When men go to get tattoos done, they always seem to want ones that boast about their masculinity and what better a design than a scorpion? They are creepy, gross and most of the time full of poison. The most frequently asked question after deciding on a scorpion is what kind of design to get and where to get it? Scorpion tattoo pictures for girl are probably the best way to find inspiration.

These can be found in numerous places—online, in books, on friends, in shops. One of the pictures found online depicts a large scorpion tattoo done on the arm above the elbow. It takes up the majority of the arm, does not contain any color whatsoever and generally looks a little creepy. While most of the pictures show the arm as the best place for the scorpion tattoo, one depicts a scorpion on the hand. It is mostly in black ink, but has a surrounding color of red.

Most men don’t often opt to get color put on their scorpion tattoo, which is alright, but for those who do like color it does add a nice touch. It gives the scorpions lifelike characteristics and a more defined look.

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Rose Tattoo Design on Girls Breast

Rose Tattoo Design on Girls Breast

Rose Tattoo Design on Girls Breast, Arm Tattoo, chest Tattoo, Flower Tattoo,

Sexy Butt Tattoo Design

Sexy Butt Tattoo Design

Sexy Butt Tattoo Design, Buttocks Tattoo, Lower back Tattoo, nature tattoo,

Davey Havok Tattoos

Davey Havok Tattoos

Davey Havok is an American rock singer, best known as the lead vocalist of the rock band 'AFI'. The Singer has two complete arm sleeves tattoo, six nautical stars and a flaming heart on his chest, huge angel wings covering his entire back, his left arm has a black cat, ghosts, praying hands of Jesus, pumpkins and bats. The tattoos on his right arm include, a dark haunted looking city, Jack from the night before Christmas, brick wall, pumpkins, witch, along with several other tattoos.

Sunday, September 5, 2010

Lorenzo Mata Tattoo

Lorenzo Mata Tattoo“This is a praying hands and a cross and it says, ‘Only God Can Judge Me’ and it has my mom’s name in the middle. And this one’s an Aztec warrior with some pyramids that actually got added to it. It kind of represents me.
A lot of people talk smack about me and judge me and they don’t even know me. It’s my mom – she’s always been there for me and is still there for me. The cross and the praying hands – just praying for everything that she’s always done because of hard times and everything. ... I got (the tattoo) for my mom. She would always pray for me. I do it all for her.
I’m Mexican and the Aztec warrior – I’m like a warrior on the court and I do whatever it takes to win. ... Aztec warriors, they did everything for their people and I’m doing everything for me and my people – the Mexican people – another role model for them to look up to.
I got this one (of the hands and cross) last summer. And (the Aztec warrior tattoo) I got last summer and I just added the pyramids two weeks ago.
(The warrior tattoo) took five and a half hours because of a lot of detail. Obviously it does hurt. Once you start doing it, it goes numb for awhile. I’m just on my Sidekick the whole time trying to keep my mind off it.
The first (tattoo), my mom was kind of mad but then she was like, ‘Whatever.’ Then she kind of liked it. Then the (warrior tattoo), and it was two weeks, and my mom didn’t know I had it. After that I was like, ‘Might as well just show it to her,’ so I showed it to her. She was mad, obviously. I can’t take them off.
When I got (the first) one, coach Howland, he sounded surprised I got a tattoo. But then he was like, ‘Oh, it’s for your mom.’ Then I got this one and he was like, ‘How many more are you going to get?’ I’m still planning on getting a couple more this summer.
I want to get my initials somewhere and I want to get my other arm. I don’t want to get anything down here (on my forearms). Not yet. Not until I make some money. So when I make some money, I’ll get some down here. Something like a half-sleeve. My mom wouldn’t really like (a full-sleeve tattoo). It kind of hurts. I almost cried when I got it.”

Brigham Harwell Tattoo

Brigham Harwell Tattoo“I have two tattoos with the Bruin ‘B’ on my left arm and then my last name ‘Harwell’ on my right arm. But the Bruin B, it means a lot to me.
Well, out of high school I wanted my last name because I’m sort of a family person. (In the Harwell family) we’re all loved and we’re all together and everything.
And then the Bruin B tattoo has so much meaning to it. It’s a Bruin B, then there’s two little Bs inside of it, which is for my two little brothers, Brent and Byron. We’ve been through so much. I can go on and on about the struggles we went through, growing up and everything. They’ve been my biggest fans throughout high school, throughout college. They go to all my home games. I love them like their my kids and everything. As I get older I want them to live with me. So they mean a lot to me. They’re 17 and 16.
‘Harwell’ I got in high school. The Bruin B I got my sophomore year after the season. I got it because I’d been wanting to get it for a long time: the shape of the Bruin B. Coming to UCLA was a blessing. Coming from my background, none of my family got the chance to go to a university. So being able to come to a university, playing for UCLA, staying close to home – I love it here. I’m a senior next year, so the time is ticking, but I had a great time here. UCLA, this program, coach Dorrell, everybody – it means a lot to me.
‘Harwell’ – really no reactions (to that tattoo). But my Bruin B: Every time we have fans come out or whatever, they go, ‘Damn, that’s a big B!’ You hear kids going, ‘Mommy, look at his arm!’ You get a lot of people saying, ‘Wow, that’s nice.’ And you hear people in the background, ‘I’m gonna get that too.’ It’s funny and everything, but I like it. You get a lot people walking around that are like, ‘Damn, did it hurt?’ or ‘Wow, that’s big.’

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