Friday, July 2, 2010

Tattoo Machine Maintenance Tips-machines breaks down

Maintaining your tattoo machine is the key to getting more years out of it. With constant vibration every time you use your machine, it is easy enough for some parts to come loose or to completely break. This could result to sudden cuts and stoppages, which for sure you would not want to see happening right in the middle of a tattoo job.

If you are a professional tattoo artist, you need to have more than one tattoo machine, so that you always have one in reserve. Doing so will make sure you won't have to stop your tattoo session in case one of your machines breaks down. However, if you are just a tattoo hobbyist, and could not yet afford another machine, it is best to keep your equipment regularly checked and well maintained.

When your tattoo machine stops, the first thing to check is the power pack and its connection to the machine frame. If your machine runs on batteries, it may just be a matter of recharging your batteries. However, if there are some carbon build ups on the mounting holes of inside the machine and the clip cord ends, this is causing poor connectivity which results to stoppages also.
A simple nail file or a pick can actually come to the rescue and remove carbon build up. Just remember to clean up filings from all parts of the machine after using a nail file or a pick. Although some tattoo machine users will tell you to use a sand paper to clean up the carbon, it is actually best not to do this because some sand may be left on the contact surfaces, which can also affect the performance of your machine.

Check if your contact tension screw is properly connected to the front contact tightening screw. Sometimes, it is just a matter of tightening the screw contacts or the clip cord. The stoppage may also be caused by broken wire strands on the electrical cord. To avoid this from happening, always keep an extra power cord handy.
These are simple maintenance tips that can assure you of less cuts and stoppages from your tattoo machine. In case the machine still stops even after checking loose connections, cleaning and adjusting the screws, it may be the right time to retire the machine and get a new one.