Friday, July 2, 2010

Southern California, picking a reputable Orange County tattoo shop

In Southern California, picking a reputable Orange County tattoo shop is critical if you want to preserve your health and well-being after inking your skin. There are at least 20 Orange County tattoo shops that offer not only unique and impressive designs but they also adhere to legal regulations that promote the safety of people who want to be tattooed. Since, getting a tattoo is better and safer now than they have ever been before, Orange County tattoo shops are in many cases considered to provide serious and highly skilled body artists for tat afficionados living within the proximity. In fact, Orange County tattoo salons are becoming increasingly popular even for professionals and college students living in the suburbs. This clearly demonstrates that American people today are widely adapting the historical art which was first practiced in Ancient Egypt.
California Tattoo Artist PlacasoGuidelines in Choosing the Right Orange County Tattoo Salon

1. The first issue to consider when picking a tat shop is if it's licensed to operate. Licensed Orange County Tattoo Salons have successfully completed a course on infectious disease transmission and most probably passed an exam. Also, check with your local state office and find out if that particular studio abide with the regulations for body modification.

2. When you step in the studio, look around and observe the shops equipments and facility. The best Orange County tattoo shops should be properly sanitized and well organized. If you think its not, turned around and walk out.

3. Orange county tattoo shops should use EPA approved disinfectants. They should practice to keep their tools and needles in a Biohazard Container.

4. Ink, ink cups, gloves, needles should only be used once to eliminate the chances of viral contamination for people who want to get a tattoo. Best Orange County tattoo salon purchase these items in sterile packaging and should be opened in front of the customer just before the artist begins work.

5. Observe, if the artists use autoclave to sterilize their equipments. It uses heat, steam, and pressure to kill every organism on the equipment. The process should take about an hour to run a complete autoclave cycle from from a cold start to effectively kill all organisms. As a customer you can actually ask for an autoclave and sterilization certificate.

Lastly, tattoo artist of top of the line Orange County tattoo shops should first ask you which part of your body you want your tattoo on. Some parts of the body tends to be more sensitive than others. You should be fully aware in making the final decision excluding the pain factor because you will wear the tattoo for the rest of your life. So, it is the best decision to get it done exactly at the spot you want it. Long after the tattoo is finished, you might regret it and thought it was in a better spot. If you get your tattoo in just the right place, for years to come you'll be proud you made the right decision