Thursday, February 4, 2010

Easy to Follow Tips in Choosing Japanese Characters For Your Tattoos

Japanese symbols characters - Due to these characters looking very mysterious and downright cool, a huge number of tats fans are getting their own Japanese symbols characters for tattoos. It may not be that unique anymore as almost all tattoo shops will tell you they get these requests for Japanese style tattoos very often.

But wait, before you go ahead and head on to the nearest tattoo parlor, here are some tips in choosing Japanese symbols characters for tattoos.

1. If possible, go to a tattoo artist that speaks Japanese or knows how to read the Japanese language. In the Western world, it is very understandable that not everyone knows Japanese. So even the best artist may screw up your Japanese tats if he or she delineates for the right way of writing the Kanji, Katakana or Hiragana. Often times. Artists take "artistic liberty" and adds a slash where there shouldn't be to make the ink look cooler. Guess what, it also changed the meaning of your symbol or basically makes it mean nothing.

2. If that is not possible, ask a native Japanese speaker do the translation for you. Internet translators, though free, will cost you a lot when you find out that it gave you a translation that is so horrible, you end up using hundreds of dollars just to remove it.

3. Have the artist do your ink in temporary first then this will ensure that you can test drive the ink first before having done permanently. This is actually true for all tattoo designs, not just for Japanese style tattoos.

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