Saturday, February 6, 2010

Celebrating All The Tattooed Ladies

We’ve noticed over the years that the majority of out clients are women. We are also very aware of how society still looks at tattoos, especially on a lady. This page is here to thank all of the beautiful tattooed women over the world.My husband and I often joke about how much better our female clients can handle tattoos in very painful areas for long periods of time. As a heavily tattooed female myself, it makes me proud knowing my tattoo work shows my strength.We both notice a big change in that, we are now tattooing women in their 60’s and 70’s getting their first tattoos. It’s like getting their hair or nails done. Just another day out with the girls. We also see many Mother’s and Daughter’s getting tattooed together, sometimes even matching tattoos.Women of all ages are starting to get larger tattoos, full sleeves, rib cages, full, Legs and Back Pieces. From small to Large it’s wonderful to see people taking tattoos for the art that it is.