Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Dragon Tattoo Designs

Dragon tattoo designs are highly sought after which is understandable because a dragon design looks great and the creature is highly symbolic. In this article, I'll tell you about 5 different types of dragon tattoo designs that you might want to consider for your new tattoo.

Dragon Sleeve Tattoo Designs

This design is more popular with guys but many girls also get it too.

The dragon itself is usually featured on the upper arm. Because of the way that a dragon is shaped, there are many designs that incorporate the upper arm (half sleeve) and the top corner of the chest, usually with the dragon's head snarling just above the nipple area.

This type of tattoo actually looks really good in simple black ink, if you want more colours then I suggest reds and greens.

Oriental Dragon Tattoo Designs

Most dragon tattoos that you see around usually attempt to be oriental in some way. True, original oriental designs are usually highly intricate and done in black ink. This pays homage to the way that dragons were first drawn using a paint brush. The detail is usually also high and every single scale is drawn.

Some of these designs are a circle with the dragon head facing head on. These circular designs are popular on the upper arm.

Baby Dragon Tattoo Designs

A baby dragon design looks nothing like the traditional, oriental dragon. The usual design features a large-headed, inquisitive (maybe a little goofy looking) creature in vivid and bright blues or greens and with an overall "cartoony" look. These designs are more popular with women.

Welsh Dragon Tattoo Designs

These tattoos usually come in two forms. The first is the classic Welsh dragon standing with one paw raised and looking from right to left. I have also seen other versions that are not in the same pose but where the dragon looks similar to the classic depiction and is still red and black and therefore, unquestionably, the Welsh dragon.