Friday, July 2, 2010

Tattoo Mistakes-avoid at all costs

Here are 7 tattoo mistakes to avoid at all costs:

Scorpion Tattoo Designs

1. Too Small. Believe it or not one of the biggest tattoo mistakes is choosing too small of a design. You'd think it would be the opposite, but people tend to get too conservative when it comes time to get the actual ink and later regret going too small.

2. Names. Think long and hard before getting a name tattooed. There are a lot of guys and girls walking around with regrettable names of ex's tattooed on them.

3. Neck Tattoos. This was a trend for a while, and still is popular to some extent, but there are a lot of people out there that end up regretting neck tattoos. I've seen individuals wearing band aids on their necks to cover up neck designs.

4. Face Tattoos. The suicide rate with face ink is huge. Unless you are a hardcore tattoo wearer who is absolutely sure and solid about face ink, then forget it otherwise. It's just not worth it in many cases.

5. Too Much Tribal. Tribal was a big trend for a while. And the regretful results for many was simply too much tribal. Entire body parts (legs, arms) have been done up heavily in tribal, and now that the trend has passed, there is considerable regret going around.

6. Too Many Tattoos. Take it easy with ink! Since tattoos are now popular it's easy to go overboard. There's a good way and bad way to get a lot of ink. The bad way is simply just getting too many tattoos without any rhyme nor reason. None of the work blends with one another and your ink work can easily end up looking like a mess rather than good, solid, ink art.

7. Drunk Ink. A lot of individuals are walking around with ridicolous cartoon characters on their body. Many times this is the result of drunk ink. Take your tattoo decision seriously. Don't just go in there loaded and start picking out designs at random.