Friday, November 6, 2009

Butterfly Tattoos

Butterfly tattoo designs are one of the most popular tattoo choices for women. This is due to the universal attraction, beauty, and versatile design options. Not only are these designs being added to women's bodies, they are now finding a popularity among males. Butterfly tattoo designs have a huge style range from it's natural, realistic versions to highly stylized fantasy or abstract designs such as tribal style butterflies. The vast amount of choices and options makes finding a design that appeals to your senses a daunting task just do the huge amount of artwork that focuses on this subject.

The butterfly itself has perfect symmetry in it's design and gorgeous vibrant colors. Capturing the natural beauty of a butterfly design in a tattoo can result in a beautiful piece of realistic tattoo artwork. Some fans of the butterfly have chosen realistic butterfly's - multiple - flying up the torso or up the back adding to the beauty using different patterns and sizes. Varying sizes can add to the effect of realism with larger butterfly's looking closer, smaller butterfly's in the distance.

The symbolic meaning of the butterfly means different things in various cultures, but the meaning to all always take a positive one. The butterfly is a symbol of change or transformation. The origins of this is the beautiful butterfly emerging from a plain and bland caterpillar form. Butterflies are often a choice by people undertaking a new and positive phase that they believe will be a "transformation" or the beginning of a new experience in their life. People change or personal transformation that they feel is a turning point and they want to have a constant reminder and symbol of this phase of their life.

The other side of the coin - some people choose butterfly tattoo designs strictly for the sheer beauty of them. Sometimes the beauty of the design itself is enough.